Sage Software

Sage has been providing accounting software to the UK since it was founded in the 1980s. Its products were introduced to exploit early generations of micro-computers, and it is now the leading UK-based producer of accounting software aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses use either the entry-level Sage Instant Accounts or its next level, Sage 50 Accounts. Sage are now actively marketing their cloud-based product Sage One Accounts.

For a full list of current Sage products, please visit their website, as shown in Useful Links.

We have been directly involved with Sage since 2004, and our director has experience of their products dating back to the 1980s.

Many businesses prefer Sage because it is UK-based, and is understood and supported by most accountants. However, it is not always easy to customise or correct errors within Sage. Although Sage provides telephone-based support at an additional cost, this may not suit all your needs, particularly in more complex areas.

Sage is also supported by a number of third-party add-in products, which are endorsed by Sage.

If you feel that we can help you with Sage, whether in setting-up, re-organising it, or in any other way, please contact us by e-mail or by phone.