QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks was introduced as a full desktop version into the UK around the year 2000. It was developed by US-based Intuit as a more versatile variant of an earlier product called Quicken.

Getting to its current position in the UK market has been something of a struggle, and many businesses may have been deterred from using QuickBooks. However, its user-friendliness, simple reporting options, and enhanced abilities to export to Microsoft Excel make for a system that should not be ignored. Reports include “drill-down” facilities, simplifying traceability of individual transactions making up an amount. The main UK competitor of QuickBooks, Sage, also includes this facility, but only in a few reports.

One of the downsides with QuickBooks in the UK is that it has a limited number of third party add-ins, but this is largely made up for by the increased flexibility of the Desktop package.

As with other accounting software providers, including Sage, QuickBooks now has a cloud-based (or online) version. Early versions of the cloud software have less flexibility than the desktop version, but will be adequate for most smaller businesses.

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