Data Access and Migration

Active businesses handle data on a daily business. This might be about their potential or existing customers, suppliers, purchasing and sales information. This may be stored on standard computer, tablet, or even mobile phone.

You may have data in one source application, perhaps job-costing, that you would like to transfer to a target application such as your bookkeeping software. You can even transfer your data from a redundant bookkeeping application to a new one.

Although some software makes it easy to migrate data from one piece of software to another, this is not always so. The problem is that there is no universal standard for storing computer data.

The solution is to convert your source data into a format that is acceptable by your target software application. This requires a level of skill to avoid inaccurate or corrupt data. As we have prolonged experience in this field, we can often migrate data with the least possible disturbance to your business, avoiding the need to re-enter the data.

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