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Coping with changes

Your business may be a start-up or well-established, it may be expanding, diversifying, or even restructuring to a smaller size. You may be a retailer, a manufacturer, or service-based. IMU Accounting offers bookkeeping and accounting support to Lancashire-based firms from the one person band to companies with up to fifty staff.

We recognise that your business plan is constantly changing in reaction to new challenges, whether changing your customer and supplier bases, opening new outlets, implementing new systems, or complying with new rules and legislation.

Knowing your business

You need to know how much your customers owe, what you owe your suppliers, how much is in your bank, what assets you own and when you bought them.

When you want assistance

We can help, whether you just need help with your day-to-day bookkeeping, or are trying to produce your own accounts. We also understand that your business may have special requirements, such as the construction industry in which we have a wealth of experience.

The support we offers varies includes training, consultancy, on-site or tele-support, over limited periods or long-term. You decide what suits your business.